Wednesday, October 13, 2010

It is literally translated as Flying Bread!

Too obsessed with Adam Richman, Andrew Zimmern and of course our own Farouk Hussein style of travelling to find good or rather peculiar food, I've decided on my travel i will try to find some food that are worthy to post in this blog.

Near the Hotel i stayed in Malacca there's a stall that sell a kinda funny named delicacy. The dish is called 'Roti Terbang'. But no, you won't see the bread flying across the stall. It's actually roti canai, and it is more towards the art of 'tebaring the roti' and frying the bread.

The cook will try to 'tebar the roti' in the air and cook the roti by flicking it high up in the air. That's all. In the end it taste the same as ordinary roti canai you get at any mamak stall.

I wonder if the roti fall to the ground, does he pick it up within 3 second and serve it to the customer? Hmmmmmm  

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