Saturday, October 2, 2010

inaugural post

After some contemplation i've decided to start a blog. Yerp, i'm joining probably millions of Malaysian who have started a blog page ( and probably does not update the blog frequently). But ya, i'm here and what da heyy. 

Since i have no idea what to write, lemme write about my day. Today feel like any other Saturday, but with a couple of rumah terbuka on hand. The night before, my neighbour had a kenduri doa selamat... he's and the missus is going for Haj on 11.10.2010. As usual, kenduri like this will not be possible without the help of the jirans and yepppp i do chip in and offered my energy (which they duly accept). The kenduri went well, the jirans who have helped feels good about themselves (including yours truly) and who doesn't have given their fair share of grandmother stories. What i have learnt was, you extend your help whenever you can and if you could not, don't give excuses...join the festivities and keep your mouth shut!

And we come back to today. Nothing special except for the my other half friend's rumah terbuka in the late afternoon and sambutan aidilfitri for my taman at the surau after isya'. 
I'm not going to write about the food at both of these makan2 event but i'm gonna write about what i've observed at the sambutan aidilfitri at my surau. The date of the event have been circulated and made known to all two week before but the people that have joint the event was the same faces who came to the surau day in day out. Come on la, nak ajak makan pun susah ke? 

Alright, i've vented my anger already and at the time i'm writing this i've finished watching the first Everton win for the season. Opted to watch a game for the Blue half of Liverpool rather than Man U or Spurs game (at other channel). Now the review of the games for the day is on air. Several observation i wanted to share, Heskey seems to perform well under Gerard Houllier, Rafael Van Der Vaart is awesome for Spurs (the missus is not bad also), Everton away jersey is well suited for bola Jaring and Man U away form is a joke.

Enuff said, will be back with more post when i feel like it..

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