Thursday, February 17, 2011

Perpatih MTB Jamboree - Bukit Putus Challenge

I cycle, yep although my prosperous middle region doesn't show that i am into cycling but yes, i do take up cycling as a hobby. I started cycling alone in my housing area and now i'm proud to say that i'm in one of the biggest (if not biggest) cycling community in Negeri Sembilan. Perpatih Cycling Community was set up in May 2010 with initial members of 60 and it's growing by the day. 

The Logo

So, to announce our existence to the world (actually Malaysia) we have decided to hold an MTB Jamboree which will be held on 3rd April 2011. Hoping to gather as much as cyclist from around the country, the Jamboree will be held at the area of Bukit Putus and will be serving a 40 km (approx) trail. I assure u all that the trail will be 'Finger Lickin' Good'. 

For those who are interested to join us on that day, please fill the form and forward it by fax, email or hand to the guys stated in the second page of the form. Oh ya, the fees is RM50. The participants will be given Jersey and some goodies. Arrangements are in motion to include a wide range of prizes for the winners and lucky draws.

For those who are undecided whether to join, feast your eye on the Jersey that we will be providing to the participants.

More details on the community Facebook page or the blog website

Lastly, its AN MTB JAMBOREE, not a scouts Jamboree, so bring your best MTB, not your biggest tents. 

Nuff said. Izwan out.


  1. Tq bro for promoting our community and our jamboree. Sorry budget ciput meaning that we're not going to pay for the advertisement. Take it as amal jariah.